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What is the minimum contract period?
Primus line rental plans have an 18 month contract length and are subject to a 30 day notice period.

Does it cost any extra for non-Primus line rental customers to call Primus line rental customers?
No, to call a customers line will cost the same as calling a home phone line from BT.

Can I keep the same phone number?
Yes. (However, there may be some instances where we're unable to guarantee this).

Will Primus be doing an equivalent package for business customers?
Yes, we provide line rental packages for our Business Customers.

Can I make my number ex-directory?
Yes. This can be arranged via the WLR Service Team.

Does my phone number remain in the phone book?
Yes, if you are currently listed then they will still be. Likewise if they are not listed, your number will remain unlisted.

Does the customer need to dial a code before dialling the number they want to ring?
No, this isn't necessary with Primus Home Phone.

Can I use multiple handsets?
Yes, although we recommend a maximum of 3 pieces of equipment are plugged into the line. This includes any Sky TV boxes, fax machines and alarm systems that use a phone socket.

I have an annual Primus Broadband contract and want to add Primus Home Phone. Can I have Home Phone as well as the Broadband service?
You would still need to pay for your annual Broadband Phone contract. However, Home Phone and Broadband are two separate products, so it would be possible to signup to Home Phone and use both services on the same account.

Do I need to set up a Direct Debit?
Yes. The Home Phone order will not be processed unless they have an active Direct Debit setup. This is the same for all Residential post-paid customers with CPS.

Who do I pay for phone calls once I have a Primus broadband, home phone and calls package?
All calls will be handled and charged by Primus where appropriate.
Remember, the Primus Home Phone Saver plan includes unlimited evening and weekend calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers and the Primus Home Phone Saver Max package includes all local and national calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers.

Who will bill me and how?
You will be billed by New Call Telecom. You will receive an email notification to let you know your latest bill is available to view online. Alternatively you can opt to receive a paper invoice, however this will incur an additional charge.

Are there additional call charges for the Home Phone call packages?
With the Primus Home Phone plans you get some inclusive calls to certain types of numbers. Calls to other numbers need to be paid for as do calls when you outside the inclusive limit. See the Rates section of this site for more details.

Do I get an itemised bill?
Yes, New Call provide you with an itemised bill online.
You can choose to receive a postal bill for an additional £2.25 per month.

Is there minimum and maximum call charge duration on chargeable calls?
All calls are subject to a minimum charge. See the Rates section of this site for more details. The minimum charge differs depending on the call type.

Will I still need to pay BT a line rental fee?
No. The price for your Primus line rental replaces your BT line rental. You won’t need to pay BT for anything if you take out the Home Phone line rental with Primus.

Who does I contact for queries about my calls and telephone line?
If you take out a phone line and calls package with Primus, we will deal with all your queries.

If there is a problem with my line, will there be a charge for having it fixed?
If the problem is out of the customer’s control Primus usually won't charge the customer. However, if the BT Openreach engineer finds that the fault is caused by the customer (e.g. damaged wiring or master socket), you will be liable for a call-out charge of £58.75 (inc. VAT).

Will I have to start a new contract for my broadband?
You can add on a phone and landline rental plan without changing your broadband service or contract. However, you will be entering into a new contract for both their calls (CPS package, e.g. Primus Saver) and line rental.

What features can I add / will Primus offer?
There is a selection of free, pay-per-use and pay monthly features available to order during signup including:

• 3 way calling (pay-per-use)
Talk to 2 people at the same time, even if one of them is abroad.

• Reminder call (pay monthly - unlimited use)
Customers can set their phone for an alarm call.

• Ring back (pay monthly - unlimited use)
Get a call back if the number their dialling is engaged.

• 1471 Last Caller Number (free)
Find the number of the last person to call you.

• 1471 Call Return (free)
Customers can ring the last person who called them.

• 141 Number Withhold (free)
The customer can keep their number secret from the person they’re calling.

• 1471 Erasure (free)
Clear the last number stored using 1471.

• Caller Display (pay monthly)
See who's calling before they answer the phone.

• Call Waiting (pay monthly)
Customers get an alert if somebody tries to call them when they’re already on a call.

• Call Divert (pay monthly)
Customers can divert calls to any UK landline, mobile, and most international destinations.

Anonymous Call Rejection (pay monthly)
Customers can bar incoming calls from people who withhold their number.

• Voice Mail
Never miss a call with this answer phone style service.

• Voice Mail Extra (pay monthly)
Advanced Voicemail service with extra features such as remote access. Also known as Call Minder.

Find out more about these call features and how to set them up in the Home Phone Features Guide.

How do I add or remove call features?
You can add or remove Call Features by calling our Home Phone customer service team on 0800 036 3839. Please note: only one order can be in progress at any one time. Also, adding and removing features cannot be done at the same time.

Customer calls Primus customer services to add call waiting to his set up. The order is placed and processed. In the time it takes to process this order, Customer decides he wants to remove Caller Display. As Customer already has an order in progress to add Call Waiting, Customer must wait until that order has completed before he can remove Caller Display.

Please note: multiple call features can be added/removed at the same time, providing they are added/removed as part of the same order.

How long does it take to add or remove call features?

New features will be added to your service on the next working day. However, voicemail features will take 3 working days to add.

Unwanted features will be removed from your service after 1 working day. However, voicemail features will take 3 working days to remove.
Please note: If you request to remove any call features you cannot add or remove any further features until this is complete. This can be checked at any time with the Primus Customer Service Team.

Can I have both Voicemail and Voicemail Extra on their Home Phone service?
No. You cannot have both these features at the same time.

How long does it take to move to Primus Home Phone?
Moving your phone line across can take as little as 10 days.

What are the setup fees?
There are no charges to the customer for moving the phone line.

Will customers spend time without their phone when they switch?
No, moving your phone service to Primus is designed to be seamless, and can be done without an engineer having to come to your house.

Is it possible to change a Primus telephone line to another provider?
Yes, in much the same way as you would transfer to Primus.

What are the leaving fees?
If you choose to leave the Home Phone service, you must give 30 days written notice and are responsible for paying an amount equal to the fixed monthly Primus Home Phone package fee (for Carrier Pre Select and Line Rental) for each of the remaining months of the contract which would have been paid by you if the contract had been completed.

I am not a Cable customer but I have a phone line from another provider other than BT (e.g. Talk Talk). Can I move to the Primus service?
Yes, you can move in exactly the same way as you would from BT. However, if your provider is currently Kingston Communications you will be unable to move to Primus Home Phone.

Can I move my phone line back to BT and keep my broadband with Primus?

Can I move my broadband to another provider and keep my line rental and calls with Primus?

Can I call mobiles and international numbers?
Yes, you can call mobiles and international numbers.

Can I call 999 emergency services?

Are there any numbers I cannot call (e.g. premium rate numbers)?
No, you can call any number.

Can I make Operator calls?
Yes. Operator services are provided by BT, so BT call charges apply. It is your responsibility to ask the Operator how much your call will cost, before you are connected. Please note: Primus charge the same Operator service rates as BT Retail to all Operator calls.

Can I switch if I have just moved house?
You need to activate your account with BT before you can switch to Primus line rental. If there is an existing standard (BT) line in your new home, then you need to call BT to get it re-activated, which is free. If there is any damage to the line, there may be a charge for this.
If there isn’t a standard (BT) line, then you need to pay for one to be installed. This will cost £69. Primus can arrange for this to be installed through our line supplier.

Can I switch if my phone bars outgoing calls?
You will need to remove the outbound call barring on your phone, before you can switch. If you requested the bar, you need to disable it by calling your supplier.
If calls are barred because you owe your current supplier money, you will not be allowed to switch until you have paid your bill and unbarred your phone.

Can I switch if I am on a light user scheme?
No. If you are on a light user scheme (offered by BT), you will need to move to BT Option 1 before you can switch. Please contact BT to arrange this.

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