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Change of Address

I am moving my business to new premises, what do I do?
You need to notify the Primus Business Team on 0800 036 3698 who will arrange your services to be taken over to your new premises.

What notice do I need to give for a change of address?
Please give us enough notice if you wish to do a change of address because if an engineer is required this could take a couple of weeks. Important: Please do not to contact another provider to activate the phone line at your new address. This will cause problems when Primus tries to move your existing service to your new address.

I am moving to a new address which doesn’t have a telephone line. What should I do?
Please call the business team who will arrange for an Openreach engineer to install the line.

Will I be charged for moving premises?
This depends on what services you require and what you have installed in your new premises, please call the Business team to discuss further.

Can I keep my current telephone number if I am moving addresses?
Yes more than likely and only if the address you are moving to is serviced by the same telephone exchange, your existing telephone number cannot be kept where a change of telephone exchange is needed.

What are the options if I cannot retain my number?
If you cannot keep the same telephone number then you will be allocated a new telephone number free of charge.  There are other options should you not be able to retain the same number.  You may have Caller Redirect which is a recorded message prompting people to your new number or Call Forwarding is a diversion to your new number.

How do I update my telephone directory listing?
You do not need to worry about that as it will all be taken care of when we process your change of address or if you are signing up for a new telephone line.

How long will it take to get a telephone line installed?
If the new address you are moving to has an existing line then we can normally take over it in a number of days, however if it requires a new line installation we require a BT Openreach engineer to visit then you are normally looking at around 2-3 weeks depending on the availability of appointments in your area.

An engineer will be visiting my new address to reconnect a telephone line soon. Can I get them to move/add new telephone sockets at the same time?
Yes. However, you will be charged for any other work that you ask the engineer to do (over and above the standard installation work). You should ask the engineer when they visit your new address what these costs will be.

I would like to do a Change of Ownership on my Primus business account?
If you wish to transfer the business account under someone else’s name then all you need to do is write into the address below, we require both party signatures agreeing to the change of ownership.  Please note you will be eligible for any amounts outstanding up until the switch over names is done.

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